Our primary goal is to assist you during the process of design and construction phase rather than post construction.

Our services include:

Removing, Creating or Modifying Easements

We are specialist to create opportunities for our clients to negotiate easement removal or modifications to an existing or a new easement not only with city owned properties such as utility companies but also with any private party holders.

Zoning Modifications

Our expert attorneys will diligently work with all governing agency to assist with processing and negotiating zoning modifications by applying for use or area variances.

Negotiate Entitlement Requirements

With the help of our attorneys with extensive background in construction, we are geared to assist our clients to obtain approvals through the entitlement process with reasonable conditions and requirements.

Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Contract Negotiation

Assist our clients in negotiation of contracts with Architectural, Engineering, and Construction teams to obtain the most fair and reasonable fees and deliverables.

Contract Review

Review design and construction contracts to protect our clients from undesirable terms and conditions.

Design modifications

Assist the engineering and architectural teams to obtain reasonable modifications from the building department to avoid unreasonable hardship in construction.

Dry Utility Coordination Requirements

Ensure the utility company requirements contain reasonable and consistent design conditions.

Building Code Interpretation  

Assist the engineering and architectural team to clearly interpret any vague code requirements.

Change Order Negotiation

Assist our client in negotiating change orders while the project is under construction as preventive measure to avoid legal disputes post construction.

Punch list Review to Obtain Certificate of Occupancy

Review punch lists to ensure that the intent of the design was implemented in construction. Provide assistance with obtaining certificate of occupancy.

Construction Defects

Provide the client with assistance to file any defect arising from the construction or the engineering team.  

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